Elections for the seven (7) vacant seats on the OCTAA Board of Directors were held at the 9741 Irvine Center Dr in Irine, CA on June 8th, 2011.  Ersin Sengul (Past President), was elected by the existing Board of Directors to serve as the Election Committee Chair.  The President opened the official Election Meeting and described the election procedure in detail.

The President opened nominations for the Board.  6 candidates had expressed interest in running for the Board of Directors prior to the meeting: Mehmet Ali Tan, Ugur Dundar, Javid Huseynov, Talha Bayraktar, Can Soydinc and Serap Atli and their statements of interest were presented preceding the election.  No one ran off the floor.  The President closed nominations. Sevda Aleckson had a motion to have open elections, since there was only one candidate for each of the positions. Mehmet Ali Tan seconded the motion, and then the motion passed anonymously. Ersin Sengul had a motion to approve the entire board all at once, Sevda Aleckson seconded the motion and then motion passed anonymously. All candidates were elected to the respective positions anonymously.

The following individuals have been elected to serve on the Board for a two-year or one-year term during 2011-2012:


• Mehmet Ali Tan- President (2 year)

• Ugur Dundar- President Elect (2 years)

• Javid Huseynov- Communications Chair/Secretary (2 years)

• Serap Atli – Social Events Chair (1 year)

• Talha Bayraktar- Treasurer (1 year)

• Can Soydinc-Membership Chair (1 year)


Right after elections, Board of Directors had their first meeting and elected Berna Gundogdu Yorulmaz as the OCTAA School Director and she became an official member of Board of Directors. According to the new Bylaws, OCTAA School Director is elected by the OCTAA Board of Directors.

• Congratulations to our new members of the Board of Directors, and thanks to all members who participated in this smooth election.

OCTAA Election Committee (2011)

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